Preparing for a New Sitter

There are a lot of things to consider when introducing a new babysitter to your family. You want your sitter to have all of the knowledge and information necessary for him/her to provide the very best childcare. Here we have a few suggestions of things you may want to have on hand for their first visit. Makes sure you have a few extra minutes with your sitter before leaving to show the sitter around, point out any necessary safety precautions, show them the exits, the first aid kit and show them where any necessary medications are for the children.
It's also important to have a list of phone numbers, some of this information will remain the same whenever you have a sitter, for example, any special instructions, allergies, contact phone numbers, the closest cross street incase of emergency, as well the child's names and dates of birth. This list will usually remain the same so it'd be a good idea to just have a permanent list. There are going to be things that might change though, for example, the name and phone number of the establishment you're going to be at for the evening, what's for dinner, or any chores you expect to be done by your sitter. Having these two lists can save lots of time, and you can leave for the evening feeling confident that your sitter has all of the information that they will need.